Trump Jr. Humiliated After Whining About Dad Being Mistreated


What must it have been like growing up in the Donald Trump household under the shadow of his big sister Ivanka? What does it do to a child forbidden to cough in his germaphobe father’s presence? Worse of all, what happens when a child must quit believing what he sees and hears to fold himself or herself into his father’s warped reality. We have a hint.

Journalist for The New York Times Maggie Haberman tweeted about  ABC’s George Stephanopoulos’ 30 hours with the president. In the tweet, she relayed one of Trump’s comments:

“There’s never been a time in the history of our country where somebody was so mistreated as I have been,” Trump tells @GStephanopoulos’

Haberman was not suggesting that this was true. Rather, she was saying that the commander-in-chief was either lying, or he was delusional. Don Jr. tweeted out a stunning relay of the Haberman tweet:

‘He’s right.’

The Huffington Report wrote about children of extreme narcissist parents:

‘The child of extreme narcissists is never seen for who he or she is, and is never appreciated just for him or herself. The extremely narcissistic parent can only enjoy and exploit their child for what the child does for them or how the child makes them look to others.’

The younger Donald appeared to be remaking himself into his father’s image, down to the ducktail hairstyle:

‘The “love” the extreme narcissist gives to their child is a pseudo-love that’s shallow and conditional and doesn’t come close to meeting the child’s real needs. As a result, the child grows up with an empty space inside them that was supposed to have been filled with parental love and validation.’

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