Trump Tweets Ominous 6-Word Threat To Iran Monday Morning


The powers of the United States military remain in the hands of a man who, even as president of the United States, rushes to Twitter to demean and threaten his opponents. This Monday, President Donald Trump took to that platform to share what he no doubt intended to cast as threatening overtures from Iran, noting that they have shared they will soon be passing a limit on their enriched uranium stockpiles set by the nuclear deal they signed with the U.S. and other countries in 2015.

Trump withdrew the United States from that deal over a year ago at this point, and yet, he is now complaining that the Iranians are not abiding by its terms and not only that, possibly hoping to use that complaint to bolster the supposed case for military action against the country. He shared on Twitter, perhaps having intended to share a link:

‘“Iran to defy Uranium Stockpile Limits”’

It is true that the country has said that within under two weeks, thanks to them stepping up their nuclear program for what they claim are peaceful purposes their stockpiles of enriched uranium will pass the nuclear deal’s boundaries. Iran is seeking to pressure European countries who participated in that deal to help them get around the sanctions that the United States has imposed following Trump’s departure from that deal, but as of Iran’s announcement they were approaching the uranium limit, there had been no significant movement on that front.

On Monday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani told the new French Ambassador to his country:

‘The current situation is very critical and France and the other parties to the (deal) still have a very limited opportunity to play their historic role for saving the deal.’

In the absence of clear incentive against the process, the country has also suggested it could soon be enriching uranium up to a point approaching the level required for nuclear weapons. They say that would be meant for a research facility in Tehran.

Meanwhile, the pressure exemplified by President Trump’s latest tweet on the subject keeps ratcheting up. The Trump administration claims the Iranians to be behind recent attacks on large tanker ships in the nearby Strait of Hormuz, although there is not a global consensus to that effect as of the beginning of this week.

Check out Twitter’s response to Trump’s latest wade into the issue below…

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