Trump’s Orlando Rally Has An Unwelcome Guest Waiting For Donald


Everywhere Donald Trump goes, protesters find a way to show how much they dislike 45. It does not matter whether POTUS is in London or Buenos Aires, because people are spending their valuable time making a statement against this president. Yet, there is one brilliant shadow that also follows him everywhere he goes, much to people’s delight.

The 20-foot blimp art depicting our commander-in-chief as an angry diaper-clad baby will serve as the president’s largest and most unusual guest outside his Orlando rally. The United Kingdom Stop Trump Coalition owns and manages the blimp. In case of bad weather, the blimp even comes with protective gear that would protect it from an accident.

The company needed $3,900 to transport the blimp to the president’s kick-off rally celebrating the beginning of his second campaign. A GoFundMe online fundraiser came up with the money in just one day according to The Florida Today:


POTUS’s 2020-re-election campaign will be held at a 20,000-seat capacity auditorium, although, he has claimed over 100,000 people have requested tickets. Trump supporters began lining up a full 40 hours prior to his arrival to make certain that they got a seat. The Baby Trump blimp will be at the Win with Love Rally, which was organized in opposition to the president. The balloon will be available from five to seven p.m., EDT.

The balloon’s owners wanted “orange skin, small hands, and an amber wave of mane, The Fortune Magazine reported. It also clutched a mobile phone as a substitute for a pacifier. Self-described leader of the dozen-plus British balloon “babysitters” Max Wakefield said:

‘We wanted a prick; that is, something to prick his ego. He was originally crying, having a real tantrum. But we replaced that with this enraged grimace.’

There is actually a number of the blimps, perhaps for each continent, and half-sized versions for ground protests. These are called “Baby Trump Baby.” 

When Trump was in London visiting the queen, a woman punctured one of the balloons and shouted:

‘(The balloon is) ‘a disgrace…Trump is the best president ever.”

Then, she was quickly arrested and bundled away. In Dublin, there were reports of one of the larger balloons being impaled. With a twist, Baby Trump’s owners tweeted:

‘Fake News.’

The creators of Baby Trump came up with their novel idea in 2018. They found a partner to work with them, Imagine Inflatables of Leicester, and crowdfunded about $24,000 for the costs.

The owners of Angry Baby Trump now say that they will not fly the balloon unless they were able to raise about $50,000 for charity. Clearly, they were successful.

When Trump arrived in London, he did not get the royal treatment. There was no golden carriage or an overnight stay at Buckingham Palace. It was not clear whether the president even realized that these were a slight snub. After all, Trump does not do subtle. If someone told him, however, the Angry Baby balloon could not have improved his mood, unless the president’s handlers managed to fly their helicopter away from it.

A British ad showed:

‘…a growing shadow over London and the line “He’s back.”‘

Then, the camera moved not to Trump but the famous balloon caricature.