Republican Attorney General Accused Of Groping Four Women


Republicans just can’t help but practice the opposite of what they preach. It’s in their blood; they can look you dead in the face and weep for a fetus while starving a toddler. They pretend to be the party of morals and values, but they just don’t quite add up to the moral bar they set for themselves and everyone else.

Now, another Republican has done it yet again. Accused of groping a state lawmaker and three state staffers, Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill is in some seriously hot water after the four alleged victims banded together to sue the Indiana AG. The women decided that the policies in place for protecting state workers against sexual misconduct at work were insufficient, and decided that court was the only way to go.

In a press release Tuesday, the women said that they tried to “comply with the existing reporting procedures and systems in place to address sexual harassment in their workplace,” but that the procedure did not “adequately protect” state employees.

Their statement continues:

“We want to be agents of change for the pervasive culture of sexual misconduct that plagues the walls of government and other workplaces all across Indiana. All Hoosier workers, including state employees and our elected officials, deserve to feel safe in their work environment and protected from wrong doers.”

The women also tried to bring charges against Hill in fall of 2018, but Indiana special prosecutor Daniel Sigler refused to do his job, insisting on protecting the AG. He said that, while he saw the women’s claims to be “true and credible,” he still did not see evidence of a crime.

Because there is never evidence of a groping.

The women claim they were sexually assaulted on the same night, during a party celebrating the end of the 2018 legislative session. Hill reportedly grabbed the buttocks of Candelaria Reardon by sticking his hands under her clothes, and grabbed the buttocks of another staffer as well. The two other women describe being molested by Hill as well. According to the women, Hill also told them all to “show a little skin” in order to get what they want.

In true Republican fashion, Hill says the he “at no time was my behavior inappropriate nor did I touch anyone in an inappropriate manor.”

Yea, we totally believe you.

The governor of Indiana, Eric Holcomb, as well as state House Speaker Brian Bosma (R) and state Senate Majority Leader David Long (R) have all demanded that Hill resign. Bosma and Long released the following statement about Hill:

“We do not believe that Curtis Hill, as chief law enforcement officer of the State of Indiana, can continue to perform his duties, nor should he, and we call for his immediate resignation.”