‘Smoking Gun’ Docs Link Systematic GOP Racism & Implicate Trump


News out of Raleigh, North Carolina is leaving people dumbfounded this morning, after it was revealed that yesterday Republicans demanded a court order to conceal and block very damning documents from being used against them in a recent lawsuit.

Per The News & Observer paper out of Raleigh, the documents belonged to deceased GOP strategist Tom Hofeller, and North Carolina Republican lawmakers are furious and terrified of the documents seeing the light of day. So terrified, that they want them destroyed.

The documents are related to a state suit involving a gerrymandering lawsuit. While the documents are damning and “must be destroyed,” at the same time lawmakers are stating that the lawsuit was a “terrible case,” and that the opposition has “no choice but to wage a smear campaign designed to turn the forum into a stage for political disputes.”

So of that’s true, why are the demanding the documents be destroyed?

The answer is that the documents are being described as a “smoking gun,” proving the GOP’s white supremacy.

‘The filing comes after the groups behind the lawsuit, including Common Cause, accused Republican lawmakers of making false statements in court in a previous gerrymandering case, when the state’s 2011 maps were ruled unconstitutional.’

‘That blockbuster accusation made national headlines and was, it said, based on Hofeller’s files which had been secret until recently.’

Much of this comes from the Trump administration’s recent push for a proposal on the Untied States Census, where one of the questions asked would relate to citizenship. According to Pew Research, if Republicans and Trump had their way, the exact question would look like this: “Is this person a citizen of the United States?” Following four different “yes” options, and a single, blunt fifth option, “No, not a U.S. Citizen.”

‘Common Cause has said in a different court case that Hofeller’s files show the Trump administration made false statements about why it wants to put a question regarding citizenship on the 2020 Census.’

From the backstory relating to now-deceased GOP strategist Tom Hofeller, back in 2015, the smoking gun documents show that he had a plan relating to drawing congressional district lines. The language used is atrocious, but this sticks out, for sure: “Districts based on voting-age citizens would be ‘advantageous to Republicans and non-Hispanic whites,’ and the one way to change this would be to include a citizenship question on the census.”

From Common Sense:

‘First, the New York Times publicized a shocking study, written by the GOP’s chief gerrymandering mastermind Thomas Hofeller, that lays out a plan to add the citizenship question on the Census. The purpose? Manipulating our Census and redistricting process to be, in Hofeller’s words, “advantageous to Republicans and Non-Hispanic Whites.”’

Not only are the lawmakers attempting to destroy evidence that backs the above up, but they are also going as far as threatening that lawyers for their opponents could be removed from the case as a punishment for even looking at the files, states The News & Observer paper.

While this revelation is shocking, issues pertaining to Republican gerrymandering in North Carolina are nothing new. The state has had countless legal hurdles, as they repeatedly attempt to defend their racist gerrymandering maps. Earlier in the month, legislative defendants were sued $7,700 each in attorney’s fees for not obeying a court order that requested a search and for the documents in question to be handed over.

‘The judges also said that the NC Republican Party had improperly resisted answering a subpoena in the case, although the judges declined to order the GOP to pay attorneys’ fees as well since the party eventually complied. However, the judges also warned the GOP that the party could still be forced to pay attorneys’ fees in the future if other issues arise.’

In addition to the implication of the entire North Carolina Republican party, the documents are also said to implicate the Trump administration. Not shocking at all.

He recently asserted executive privilege over 2020 census materials. This is said to be because he losing his mind over early 2020-polling that shows him losing against almost every single Democrat running for president against him.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.