Obama 2020 Anti-Trump Move Leaked To ‘Newsweek’ & Donald Is Going To Rage


So far, President Barack Obama has avoided weighing in on the 2020 elections, or even getting involved in political conversations aside from promoting the charities and organizations he supports, including his own. As the 2020 elections loom and the rhetoric from the right ramps up, however, former Trump advisor Valerie Jarrett says Obama feels compelled to start weighing in.

Trump’s lies and distractions are creating an even more dangerous environment for 2020 than he has already. As long as Trump has to focus on being reelected, some of his more cruel policy ideas are kept barely in check, hence the cancelling of his family separation policy and his backing down on the government shutdown fight. Should he win reelection and not be accountable to voters, the dangerous direction the country is headed in will become even worse. At this point, Obama is ready to weigh in and bring some sense back to the conversation.

According to Newsweek:

‘A former senior adviser to President Barack Obama has said that the president is deeply concerned about the direction of the U.S., and that the two-term president plans to be involved in Democratic efforts to defeat President Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

‘Valerie Jarrett, who worked for Obama from 2008 until 2017, told the BBC that her former boss is “very concerned about the direction our country is going.”‘

Like Obama, Jarrett refused to name a single candidate for an endorsement, saying many of them have good ideas and would make good presidents. Obama is not expected to come forward for any particular candidate just yet, but to support Democratic candidates and talk to voters about moving forward in the wake of Trump’s newest presidential bid.

‘Jarrett also discussed the current field of Democratic candidates, who face their first on-stage debate next week. But despite her years working alongside former Vice President Joe Biden, Jarrett would not be drawn on which candidate will offer Democrats the best chance to retake the White House in 2020.

‘”I think all of us good Democrats need to get behind whoever is the nominee and ensure that that person wins the election,” she said. “I have counseled several of the candidates to not beat up so much on their opponents, that whoever emerges as the nominee goes into the general election in a weakened state.”‘

Unlike the GOP, Democrats have many different ideas about the direction of the country and don’t walk in lockstep with one another. Jarrett noted that the field should be open to many different positions, and the current field reflects that. Biden is one candidate, but there are more than 20 to hear from.

‘Jarrett said Biden “is terrific, he’d make a great president.” Though she again resisted pressure to label him as the best candidate, she told Sacker, “I’ve said quite publicly I think that Vice President Biden was indispensable to President Obama. He would make a terrific president.”‘

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