Female Colonel Announces Congressional Run Like A Superhero


Women are warriors. We fight through birthing and protecting our children, a noble duty. We fight against men who would rip infants from their nursing refugee mothers’ arms and cage their children in World War II Japanese internment camps. We fight in a myriad of ways against cruel immoral leaders. Each woman fights her own battles in her own way. There is a reason this heroic woman’s tweeted ad went viral.

Retired Air Force Colonel Kim Olson released her video announcing her run for Texas’ 24th congressional district, according to Ballotpedia. Her ad immediately took off with over 1.4 million views as of this writing. We watch as she did a take-off of the commanding strong woman’s film “Captain Marvel.” Olson started off with:

‘Colonel Marvel. Reporting for duty.’

In the video, she wore her military jacket and jeans as she walked toward the camera down an airplane runway. She talked about her life battles. Olson was the first female pilot to attend flight school. Then, she was deployed to Kosovo before heading to the Pentagon.

Once she was there, Olson managed a $220 billion budget. The military and hospitals, which were based upon the first military hospitals, have been wonderful proving places for women to accept serious assignments at a young age and then grow.

Olson spoke to the viewer through her ad:

‘Just when I thought my deployment days were over, 9/11 happened, when an airplane exploded in the Pentagon just around the corner from me.I was sent to the front lines of Iraq to rebuild.’

Olson told us how the sexual allegations in the Air Force called her back to the Pentagon. Once there, she was investigating those cases and, at the same time, changing the Air Force’s environment:

‘So many of us knew how bad it was and that it had to be fixed.’

When she came back to Texas, the colonel joined the Texas State Guard. There she realized how many women veterans committed suicide and ended up on the streets they once protected. Olson decided to found a non-profit organization called Grace After Fire to help those very women and their children:

‘Even though we had fought to open the doors for women to serve in combat, other doors were still closed when they came home/ After multiple combat deployments, women faces staggering suicide rates, unemployment and homelessness “Women who went to war to protect American streets were now living on them with their children because there was nowhere safe to go and no one to turn to.’

Women knew what she was saying when she ended the three-minute viral video with a direct hit on the sitting commander-in-chief:

‘“Now I’m running for Congress because this president is attacking everything we fought for over the years. We didn’t choose this battle. It chose us.’

Olson has been running against Representative Kenny Marchant (R-TX) for a district on the north border of Dallas and Fort Worth. He won his reelection bid in 2018 by a mere three percentage points. After 14 years representing Texas, that was his closest call. Watch out Marchant, Colonel Olson has your number.