Pelosi Responds To Trump Admin’s Racist Behavior Like A Hero


Near the end of his campaign, Donald Trump boasted about grabbing women by their genitalia to TV host Billy Bush. What was that? A bureaucrat forced the last open abortion clinic in Missouri to perform invasive medically unnecessary pelvic exams on women at least three days prior to their abortion even though they receive one just prior to the abortion. That man knew full well that a woman who was raped by a stranger or a relative would be further traumatized as the doctor inserted his fingers and cold instruments into her vagina. What do these two government employees have in common? They want to demean and dominate women. Here is another example.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) sent out a tweet criticizing Donald Trump for “refusing to honor Harriet Tubman.” This president of all Americans decided unilaterally that he would remove this remarkable woman, the first woman on any U.S. currency, this woman of color from the planned, redesigned $20 bill. Pelosi wrote:

‘It is an insult to the hopes of millions that the Trump Administration is refusing to honor Harriet Tubman on our $20 bill. This unnecessary decision must be reversed.’

Earlier, Trump said putting Tubman on the bill was “pure political correctness.” Then, he suggested hiding her on the rarely used $2 bill instead. This heroic woman saved 700 men, women, and children. Trump had fake bone spurs.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) just sent the Treasury Department inspector general a letter with an important request. He wanted an investigation into Secretary Steve Mnuchin’s decision to postpone the $20 bill redesign. It would have had Tubman on its face until 2028 instead of President Andrew Jackson, who owned up 300 slaves to work his plantation. He would have been relegated to the back of the bill.

Mnuchin indicated a delay for security reasons, but the metal plate has been set and readied for production.

Schumer wrote, NBC News reported:

‘We do not know the real reason for these decisions, but we do know that during his campaign, President Trump referred to efforts to replace President Jackson’s likeness on the front of the $20 note as ‘pure political correctness. Secretary Mnuchin attempted to explain the delay as necessary to accommodate anti-counterfeiting measures, but it is simply not credible that with all the resources and expertise of the U.S. Treasury and Secret Service, a decade or more could be required to produce a new $20 bill.’

The New York senator added:

‘If the Empire State Building could be completed in 13 months almost 100 years ago, the 21st century Treasury Department ought to be able to get this job done in a reasonable period of time.’

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Featured image is a screenshot via NBC video.