Former RNC Chairman Investigated For Trump Inauguration Scandal


For a Democrat, “draining the swamp” means booting big money out of politics and working toward a federal government run by people who work for the voters instead of working to increase their own personal wealth. For a Trump, supporter, it’s no longer clear what “drain the swamp” means anymore, because no matter how many grifters and lobbyists get rich off their associations with Trump, they still insist Trump is doing it, whatever it is.

The latest grifter to come under investigation for exploiting his political office in order to make himself wealthy is former RNC deputy finance chairman Elliott Broidy, who resigned from his post as a representative of the “pro-life” party when it was revealed that he pressured his mistress to have an abortion. Now, he’s back in the news as the subject of an investigation by federal prosecutors for selling access to the president during his inauguration.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

‘Investigators are examining whether Broidy, a top fundraiser for Trump in 2016 who was later tapped as deputy finance chairman of the Republican National Committee, was paid by his intelligence-contracting firm’s foreign and prospective clients to give them special access to attend the 2017 inauguration, some of the people said. Such activity could violate campaign-finance, lobbying or money-laundering laws.’

After foreign agents committed to paying Broidy’s companies millions of dollars for their services, they found themselves invited to Trump’s inaugural celebrations, thus having access to the man who suddenly sat in the most powerful position in the country. This is the very definition of swampiness.

‘In early April, federal prosecutors in Brooklyn asked President Trump’s inaugural committee for documents related to Broidy and his company’s actual or prospective clients, including foreign politicians who attended inaugural events at Broidy’s invitation, according to people familiar with the requests. The company, called Circinus LLC, provides intelligence research and analysis for foreign governments and other clients.’

The foreign agents came from Angolia and Romania, and Broidy was clearly serving their interests after they padded his pockets, which violates the law since Broidy wasn’t registered as a foreign agent. Broidy is another in a long line of swamp creatures to emerge from the Trump campaign circle, as well as from the RNC.

‘Broidy invited several Angolan and Romanian officials to inaugural events in 2017—including a Romanian who was scheduled to stand trial for corruption weeks later. Broidy also introduced Angolan officials to multiple members of Congress during that trip, which was soon after the Angolan government agreed to pay his company $6 million for its services. People who represent foreign clients before members of Congress are generally required to disclose their work under the Foreign Agents Registration Act. Broidy’s representatives have said he was never paid to do any lobbying, so was never required to register.’

Featured image screenshot via YouTube