Sheen, Fishburne, & De Niro Team Up To Take On Trump (VIDEO)


Despite Attorney General William Barr’s efforts to make the American people think that Trump was found not guilty of collusion, there are plenty of examples and evidence from the report which show that this is not the case.

On Thursday, NowThis produced a five minute and 37 second video which includes various actors taking turns discussing the various allegations of obstruction of justice committed by Trump during his 2016 campaign and time in office. Amongst the celebrities are Martin Sheen and Robert De Niro.

In addition, long-time Trump critics Jonathan Van Ness from Queer Eye and Star Trek’s George Takei joined the lineup.

Sheen said:

‘(Russia) interfered in the presidential election in sweeping and systematic fashion.’

Takei made the point that the Mueller Report contains the:

‘most damning evidence ever compiled against a sitting U.S. president.’

He continues to make the case that the Trump administration framed the report in such a way to sway public opinion. Sheen said:

‘Before the report was even released Trump’s Attorney General William Barr lied about its contents.’

Barr had released a summary of the report attempting to skew the views of people before the entire report was made available to the public.

Mueller wrote a letter to Barr in late March objecting to his characterization of the findings in the report. In the video, Takei said:

‘Trump was more than happy to echo that propaganda.’

Mueller’s team claims that if they were confident Mr. Trump had committed no crimes they would have said so despite the fact that the president has repeatedly claimed the Mueller report was a “total exoneration.”

Also featured in the video are Laurence Fishburne, Christine Lahti, Sophia Bush, Stephen King, Rob Reiner, Rosie Perez and Kendrick Sampson.

Kendrick Sampson points out:

‘That is an outright lie. Mueller found plenty of evidence of collusion.’

Jonathan Van Ness goes a step further to point out that the worst part of this is the fact that Trump actually acknowledged that he did it and has basically said he would do it again.

‘And recently Donald Trump seated in the Oval Office acknowledged that collusion.’

Trump said:

‘I think you might want to listen. I don’t – There’s nothing wrong with listening. I think I’d want to hear it.’

George Stephanopoulous asked:

‘You want that kind of interference in our elections?’

Trump then answered:

‘It’s not an interference. They have information. I think I’d take it.’

The video also points out that hardly anyone has read the report. People can read it for themselves. They don’t have to take anyone’s word for it that there are countless examples of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Sheen said:

‘All this is in the report, please just read it for yourself.’

Here’s what the Twitter world had to say:

Kudos to this team of celebrities for banding together to remind America that the truth is out there and it has not come out of Trump’s mouth nor is it likely that it will ever.

Featured image is a screenshot from YouTube