Trump Threatens Prison, Rambles Incoherently At TIME Reporter


TIME has bombshell reporting out today about the United States’ Dictator-in-Chief in a spat with one of their reporters; the reason why and what Donald Trump said, will have you in disbelief.

Unearthed within the recent full interview transcript of a rambling exchange between Donald Trump and TIME Magazine, the magazine’s photographer attempted to snap a shot of the infamous, recent letter received by Trump from North Korea’s Kim Jong-un during a candid moment where Trump asked the reporter, Brian Bennett, to go off the record so that he could show him the letter.

From the full transcript, which can be read here:

‘Excuse me — under Section II — well, you can go to prison instead, because, if you use, if you use the photograph you took of the letter that I gave you…

‘Confidentially, I didn’t give it to you to take photographs of it.

‘So don’t play that game with me. Let me just tell you something. You take a look.’

Likely alarmed that the president just threatened him with prison time, the reporter apologized and then asked him to clarify his prison remarks.

‘Well, I told you the following. I told you you can look at this off the record. That doesn’t mean you take out your camera and start taking pictures of it, okay? So I hope you don’t have a picture of it. I know you were very quick to pull it out — even you were surprised to see that. You can’t do that stuff. So go have fun with your story, because I’m sure it will be the 28th horrible story I have in Time Magazine because I never — I mean — ha. It’s incredible. With all I’ve done and the success I’ve had, the way that Time Magazine writes is absolutely incredible.’

Wow! Leave it to Trumple Thin Skin to spiral into a familiar ‘no one likes me,’ so they ‘portray me negatively’ rant. This pretend president in beyond despicable.

‘With all I’ve done, with the tremendous success I’ve had, that Time Magazine writes about me the way they write is a disgrace, okay?

‘Let’s face it, it’s a disgrace. And some day within the next 20 years, maybe you’ll pick me as Man of the Year. Okay, big deal.’

Remember when it was revealed that Trump had a faux TIME Magazine cover, with himself gracing the cover, in five of his properties? This man is just incredible (and not in a good way).

We’re old enough to remember when Trump said his political opponents, particularly Hillary Clinton, have ‘thin skin.’ Must’ve been just another senile moment of personal reflection. Also, in 2016, Trump was named by TIME as their “Person of the the Year”; TIME ditched “man” of the year back in 1999.

Featured image from YouTube screenshot.