Trump Tries Reverse Psychology On Pelosi & Fails Like A Chump


Since Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report was released, calls for Trump’s impeachment have intensified — especially since Mueller came out and spoke publicly about his findings and plainly said that if he thought the “president” was innocent, he would have said so.

Trump has been even more defensive of late, with his Twitter rants more chaotic than ever, which haven’t helped his case of innocence, but that doesn’t seem to stop him. He has even started taunting House Democrats, stating in an interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd of Meet the Press, that he believes impeachment proceedings will only help him to get reelected.

When Chuck Todd asked him whether he thinks impeachment will be “good politics” for him, Trump replied:

‘I think I win the election easier, But, you know, I’m not sure that I like having it.’

Trump added that he believes Speaker Pelosi has avoided impeaching him because she’s afraid and that “she feels that I will win much easier.”

During the interview, Trump once again reminded us of his “innocence” and reiterated that he did “nothing wrong” and went on to claim he was “spied on” by President Obama, whose name he just can’t ever seem to keep out of his mouth.


In truth, Pelosi has largely avoided calling for Trump’s impeachment, because she wants the oversight investigations to be completed first. It’s imperative that they have all of the facts in order to achieve the bipartisan support that she and many other House Democrats feel that they need in order to proceed.

So far, 73 Democrats and one Republican support going forward with impeachment inquiries.

Todd’s full interview with Trump is set to air this Sunday.

Featured image via screenshot.