Veterans Group Announces They Are Crashing Trump’s 4th Of July Party


The president is so easy to get to. He tells everyone exactly what gets under his skin, making himself the easiest of targets, and a fun one at that. Everyone knows how jealous Trump is of the late Senator John McCain, and ever since he continued attacking McCain long after his death from brain cancer, Trump has just been asking for a truckload of backlash.

That is exactly what Trump is looking at during his Fourth of July extravaganza he has planned because he’s uber-patriotic, obviously. A veteran’s group has announced that they will be delivering an epic troll on that day, by handing out t-shirts featuring McCain himself.

That’s right, Trump is going to have to look at a bunch of McCain t-shirts at his own taxpayer-funded party.

VoteVets and Rags of Honor released the following statement:

“Whether it was Sen. McCain, his father, his grandfather or his sons, the McCain family has given more to this country than most, and America’s birthday seems like a great time to honor that service and sacrifice. After all, people like them – and there aren’t many – made these kinds of celebrations possible.”

Ever since the president demanded that the Navy hide the U.S.S. John McCain during his recent trip to Japan, he has been the butt of McCain jokes, even further glorifying the late senator’s legacy.

He has no idea he’s doing that, of course.