Trump Loses It When Confronted By Reporters Over Rape Allegation


In recent days, President Donald Trump faced yet another sexual misconduct allegation, this time a story from prominent writer E. Jean Carroll of rape at his hands more than two decades ago. He has responded to the story surfacing with some of his most familiar conspiratorial ranting, going on this weekend about women being supposedly paid off to say “bad things” about him and Carroll’s story supposedly completely lacking credibility. To be clear, he is the one who has been documented to have lied over ten thousand times in the last two years or so alone — not her.

Trump threateningly told reporters:

‘I have no idea who she is. What she did is terrible… It’s a total false accusation, and I don’t know anything about her, and she’s made this charge against others, and you know, people have to be careful because they’re playing with very dangerous territory when they do that and it’s happening more and more. When you look at what happened to Justice Kavanaugh and you look at what’s happening to others, you can’t do that for the sake of publicity.’

Watch some of his meltdown:

Trump and many others on his side have long maintained that sexual misconduct allegations were false that surfaced against Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearings following his nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court. Although there were isolated, not widely circulated cases of people jumping on a bandwagon where they did not belong, there remains no preponderance of the evidence Trump would like us to think is there of Kavanaugh supposedly facing widely circulated false accusations, although he surely did put on a dramatic show when confronted with them before Congress.

Still, Trump not only thinks that Kavanaugh is the victim in his situation but that he himself is the mistreated one in the story surrounding Carroll. He lied to reporters:

‘You know, there were cases that the mainstream media didn’t pick up, and I don’t know if you’ve seen them and they were put on Fox, but there were numerous cases where women were paid money to say bad things about me. You can’t do that. You can’t do that, and those women did wrong things, that women were actually paid money to say bad things about me. But here’s the case, it’s an absolute disgrace that she’s allowed to do that.’

There is no evidence of this. What he’s turned into this mess of lies is the story that prominent women’s rights attorney Lisa Bloom helped arrange financial help for one of her clients Jill Harth, who is one of numerous women to have accused Trump of some form of sexual misconduct. The donors behind the help she got had tried to ensure the basic safety of those accusing Trump of misconduct. In Harth’s case in particular, she never even prepared for entering the public eye surrounding Trump’s presidential run anyway — her old allegation was uncovered by reporters.

Still, Trump is sticking to his story about him supposedly being the one we should feel sorry for here. He dismissed a photo circulating of him with Carroll as not at all evidence of him actually knowing her personally and even added a trademark dig at New York Magazine — which published her story — as supposedly failing. There’s no evidence of this.

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