Trump Tweets ‘TIME’ Mag Cover That Has People Ready To Gouge (IMAGE)


Donald Trump hates the “fake news” media, until he doesn’t. He will threaten journalists with prison time, and did so during an interview with TIME magazine over a question about the Mueller report, but on Saturday he tweeted a TIME cover that featured him Unlike the covers that hang in his golf resorts, this one is actually real.

Trump’s “plan to keep the White House,” the focus of the story, seems to be rehashing old grudges and criticizing Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, both of whom are private citizens now. If his campaign kick-off rally in Orlando on Wednesday was any indication of what his plan is for 2020, it’s just a broken record of all the same bombastic comments he’s made before.

Of course, he’ll continue to insist the economy is doing the best ever under him, but research shows that Trump’s success is just a continuation of Obama’s. His rallies are far less politically-motivated than they are support groups for haters, people who, like Trump, hate the media, hate Clinton, hate Obama, hate foreign countries, hate immigrants, hate the immigration system, hate Democrats, and hate everything Trump says that he hates, too.

His “build the wall and make Mexico pay for it” promise has failed, his promise that everyone would have great health insurance with him as president has failed, his insistence that he’d “drain the swamp” is laughable at this point…but he still has the hate. He’s cornered the market there.

Twitter was quick to remind Trump that they’re not falling for it this time. Read some of their comments below:

Featured image via Flickr by Gage Skidmore under a Creative Commons license