Trump Continues Psychotic Morning Twitter Tirade Like He’s Unemployed


The 2020 presidential race is well underway at this point. President Donald Trump hosted a formal public launch of his re-election campaign recently in Orlando, Florida, and has now unveiled a new fundraising platform for his campaign and other Republican candidates to collect donations from their base. In his Twitter announcement of the project, he lied about the nature of the race at present, painting Democrats as running a “money machine” when his own personal indebtedness to big dark money is well-documented. The National Rifle Association has even been scrutinized for possibly breaking the law in their tens of millions of dollars worth of campaigning on Trump’s behalf ahead of the 2016 election.

Still, Trump tweeted:

‘I am pleased to announce the launch of . This new platform will allow my campaign and other Republicans to compete with the Democrats money machine. This has been a priority of mine and I’m pleased to share that it is up and running!’

Going to the new joint Trump campaign/Republican National Committee fundraising initiative’s website displays a message leading into a request for money:

‘Democrats and the media will relentlessly try to attack us, lie about us, and divide us over these next two years.’

The site of course does not mention the more than 10,000 lies that Trump himself has been documented to have told in the last little over two years or so alone. Neither does it seem to pay any attention to the fact that maybe the guy trying to put up a literal border wall shouldn’t be accusing the other side of trying to “divide us.” Go figure.

Although the campaign season is only just getting started, Trump has come out of the gate with more money in the bank than any Democratic presidential primary contender for the first quarter of this year, despite his manipulative messaging to the contrary.

Check out Twitter’s response below…

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