WH On Lockdown After Secret Service Finds Suspicious Package


Donald Trump does his government business with voters in the currency of hate speech, rage, and a regard for White Nationalists. He gins up his campaign rallies with chants against his arch-enemy, Hillary Clinton. That is funny, because she is truly old business as far as he should be concerned. Yet, his message of locking her up is not funny. Words matter, and in America, we do not lock up our campaign opponents as they do in third world countries. All this anger POTUS has bled into public both with Republicans and Democrats. Today there was another emergency.

The Secret Service Uniformed Division officers found a suspicious package on the street running in front of the White House, Pennsylvania Avenue. The Secret Service sent out a tweet warning the public of the incident and that foot traffic was closed between 15th and 17th Street on Pennsylvania. They said it also included the park directly across the street from the White House:

‘Secret Service Uniformed Division Officers are responding to an incident involving a suspicious package located on Pennsylvania Ave. Pedestrian traffic is closed along Pennsylvania Ave. between 15th and 17th streets to include Lafayette Park.’

The Secret Service responded to reports of a suspicious package at about 11:30 a.m. EDT. By 12:30 p.m., they declared the “area was safe and streets were being reopened.”

According to The Washington Post,┬álast week a man dropped his backpack near the White House. The Secret Service does not mess around when it comes to the security of the people’s house and the United States’ president.

After a man scaled the fence around the White House and several others tried, authorities have made plans to increase its height.

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