Trump Delivers Tuesday AM Twitter Performance Like A Dancing Chicken


Donald Trump is stealing the very ideal that people throughout our United States’ history have bled and died for and that which has made America great until now. This president has put babies, yes babies, in cages with eight-year-olds minding them. They sleep on cold hard concrete floors and go hungry, their diapers soiled. He refused aid to Puerto Rico in the worst natural disaster our country has ever faced, when nearly 3,000 people died. A day ago a well-established journalist credibly accused him of rape. Have the Republicans who stand with him lost their souls? Now, what is he doing?

For some reason, POTUS thought that the Hispanic people of Miami would support his administration. He sent Vice President Mike Pence to kick off his Hispanic re-election movement:

Looking forward to being in Miami today to kick off the @TeamTrumpLatino Coalition! Under @realDonaldTrump more Hispanic Americans are working today than ever before in history & Hispanic Americans are starting new businesses at nearly 3 times the national average! #MAGA’

Incredibly, Trump believed that he had something to be proud of with Mexico. Then, he blamed the Democrats for his cruel mistreatment of the refugees’ toddlers, babies, and young children:

‘Mexico is keeping its promise & now sending 15,000 troops to border to help with crisis. Meanwhile Dems won’t fund beds for migrant children. Mexico continues to do more than Congressional Dems to secure our border, and its time for them to STEP UP!’

Twitter world went nuts. Check out some of our favorites below: