Eric Trump Gets Spit On In Public & His Whining Is Pathetic


The Trumps remain controversial across the United States, to say the least. During a visit to Chicago this week, President Donald Trump’s son Eric says that an employee at the high-end cocktail bar The Aviary spit on him, which he used as an excuse to paint Democrats at large as unhinged in conversation with the far-right Breitbart News. It’s amazing that Eric can find it in himself to make this claim when his dad is the one leading the masses in steps like chanting “Lock Her Up!” about Hillary Clinton more than two years after Trump faced her in an election. The chants are long not about any kind of “justice” — they’re the work of a raging mob.

Eric told Brietbart all the same:

‘It was purely a disgusting act by somebody who clearly has emotional problems. For a party that preaches tolerance, this once again demonstrates they have very little civility. When somebody is sick enough to resort to spitting on someone, it just emphasizes a sickness and desperation and the fact that we’re winning.’

Talk about blowing something out of proportion. There’s not even any apparent practical logic behind Eric using the incident to sling mud at the Democrats. The perpetrator is an employee at a bar, not some kind of Democratic activist. It’s ironic for Eric to whine about them supposedly having “emotional problems” when just the day before this incident emerged in media reports, his own father threatened Iran with “obliteration” because they “insulted” him. Trump’s going so far in service of his ego that he’s willing to threaten the lives of untold numbers of people — but yeah, Democrats are the unhinged ones with emotional problems.

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The Chicago Police Department and Secret Service both intervened, taking an unnamed woman into custody for questioning, but it’s unclear whether or not anyone involved would face any charges.

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The bar at which the incident took place has been in the news before for anti-Trump reasons. Its co-owner Nick Kokonas criticized Trump having the college football champions the Clemson Tigers to the White House with nothing but a fast food buffet, the size of which the president eventually lied about, in conventional Trump-ian fashion. Kokonas invited the Tigers to Chicago for what he perceived as a more appropriate celebratory dinner, but the team didn’t take him up on that.

Eric has repeatedly used instances like this one to complain about supposedly unhinged Democrats through means like appearances on Fox News where he’s called the president’s critics “not even people” in similar fashion to his brother Donald Trump Jr.

The two of them are in charge of operations at the Trump Organization while their father serves in the White House. They have stuck by him through everything from the release of a tape featuring him bragging about sexually assaulting women to the more recent incidents of him instituting an across the board policy of separating migrant families who arrive at the southern border. Unlike Don Jr., though, Eric hasn’t really been swept into any probes of his father’s team’s corruption.

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