Two Women Come Forward To Back E. Jean Carroll’s Rape Claim


Donald Trump’s sexual assaults on women aren’t new and the man is in deep trouble for an alleged assault on renowned author E. Jean Carroll, whom was assaulted by the U.S. President in the 1990s.

Today the New York Times broke some very bad news for the Predator-in-Chief, via their popular podcast called ‘The Daily’; The NYT podcast features two guests, Lisa Birnbach and Carol Martin. E. Jean Carroll shared details of the sexual assault with the two women back when the incident took place and now they’ve come forward to corroborate Carroll’s claims.

The news of the assault first saw light on Saturday, June 21, when Carroll went public and penned a disturbing memoir of sorts with New York magazine in a section of the publication titled The Cut. The article is titled “Hideous Men: Donald Trump assaulted me in a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room 23 years ago. Bet he’s not alone on the list of awful men in my life.” The details were disturbing, as they were with all 17, give or take, claims made against Trump concerning his predatory behavior. Some state that the number of actual victims could be up to and around 22 women.

Excerpts containing information about the assault by President of the United States, Donald Trump:

‘When Carroll meets Donald Trump in Bergdorf Goodman, the encounter starts as a friendly one. Trump recognizes her as “that advice lady”; Carroll recognizes him as “that real-estate tycoon.” Trump tells Carroll that he’s there to buy a gift for “a girl,” and though we don’t learn the identity of this mystery woman, Carroll places the ensuing incident in late 1995 or early 1996, during which time Trump was married to Marla Maples.’


‘When Trump asks Carroll to advise him on what to buy, she agrees, and the two eventually make their way to the lingerie section. Trump suggests a lace bodysuit and encourages Carroll to try it on; she, deflecting, jokingly suggests that he try it on instead. After they reach the dressing rooms, events turn violent. In Carroll’s account, Trump shoves her against a wall inside a dressing room, pulls down her tights, and, “forcing his fingers around my private area, thrusts his penis halfway — or completely, I’m not certain — inside me.”’

In a response to Carroll’s claim, Trump recently stated that she is “not my type” and then denied the assault and even knowing “who she is”, which is an outright lie. Trump has a pattern of dissing those who have come forward with allegations of assault. He exhibited the same type of framing with other allegations. He has denied each and every one of the claims of sexual assault or abuse.

Here is pattern of behavior from a video back in 2016 from CBS:

In the podcast, which was released today, Martin and Birnbach stated that they knew Donald Trump in some form or fashion back in the 90s when Carroll’s dressing room assault took place. Once Carroll told Birnbach of the incident, she pressured her to call the police– on the other hand, Martin advised Carroll that that could be a bad idea because of how powerful Trump was at that time. Martin says in the podcast:

‘I said: ‘Don’t tell anybody.’ I wouldn’t tell anybody this.’

Carroll is also present in the podcast, where she reminds listeners that she refuses to describe herself as “being raped.”

‘Every woman gets to choose her word, Every woman gets to choose how she describes it. This is my way of saying it. This is my word. My word is fight. My word is not the victim word.

‘I have not been raped. Something has not been done to me. I fought.’

You can listen to the entire podcast over at The Daily, here.

(Note: The interview is graphic and disturbing and contains detailed accounts of sexual assault.)

Featured image via Youtube screenshot.