Ivanka Speaks At G20 Summit & Humiliates Herself In Seconds


Ivanka Trump is a literal laughing stock, but she seems to be completely content with the adoration she received from the less educated, less toothy part of America. High standards aren’t exactly a family tradition in the Trump clan, which is exactly why Ivanka’s phony, painted-up, plastic charade is so damned funny.

Lipstick on a pig.

Right now, Ivanka is in Japan with her father, a tab which the American taxpayers are picking up, and for some reason, she is giving an official speech.

Pretending at all that she can speak to the struggle of the every-day woman, Ivanka pretentiously, in her best Jessica Rabbit voice, unloaded this heap of crap:

People collectively agreed, for the most part, that Ivanka, not only shouldn’t be there, but should also not be speaking on the behalf of Americans. Below are some of the reactions from people on Twitter: