Trump Says Border Wall Would Have Saved Drowned Father & Daughter


Compassion and empathy are not exactly President Trump’s strong suit, but his latest remarks regarding a father and toddler daughter who drowned trying to reach the shores of the United States, fleeing from El Salvador after waiting eight months for an asylum claim to be processed, is all the more a sickening example of his utter lack of moral fiber.

Using the deaths, for which his own asylum policy is solely responsible, as a political talking point makes it even more infuriating, but Trump stood in front of the world and argued that his stupid, unnecessary, and ineffective border wall would have saved their lives. After all, if they knew they couldn’t get in (a border wall will not prevent undocumented immigrants from coming to the U.S.), they would’ve stayed in their own impoverished and dangerous countries. Somehow, Trump believes that would save their lives.

‘The father and the beautiful daughter who drowned … if they thought it was hard to get in, they wouldn’t be coming up… Lives would be saved.’

Trump, who was born wealthy and had already inherited millions before he even started school, also complained about the unfairness of people fleeing poverty, starvation, and danger without proper authorization, for which they need an education and a lot of money. It’s just so unfair to people who do have money that people who don’t have it exist, right?

‘You have millions of people on line for years to get into a country. They take tests, they study … and these people have worked hard, they’ve been on line for seven, eight, nine years, then someone walks in. Honestly it’s very unfair.’

Trump is ignoring the fact that most of the people who have waited in line for citizenship to be approved have done so in this country when they’ve made an asylum claim, and it was him who decided to take that possibility away. Eight months of waiting, when a person is starving and watching their child go hungry, is not about patience. It’s cruelty, and more and more immigrants in countries where the U.S. have destroyed the economy are suffering because of it.

‘From the scorching Sonoran Desert to the fast-moving Rio Grande, the 2,000-mile U.S.-Mexico border has long been an at times deadly crossing between ports of entry. A total of 283 migrant deaths were recorded last year; the toll so far this year has not been released.’

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