Trump Unleashes Ugly Twitter Rant Moments After Arrival In South Korea


The president is an odd fellow who won’t soon be understood. His followers are so confused  in general that Trump’s outlandish behavior makes them feel like they’re plopped down in front of The Jerry Springer Show, all warm and squishy inside.

His Twitter rants are likely going to land him with a longer prison sentence, but he doesn’t seem to worry about that either.

Here’s one he is continuing as we speak:

The last one he tweeted 35 minutes ago was an announcement of his arrival in South Korea, and more hopes of meeting with his pal, homicidal maniac Kim Jong un at the demilitarized zone.

The original three tweet rant was deleted and reposted, seemingly because of the following spelling error:

People on Twitter of course went ballistic, causing a tidal wave of backlash that the president is probably used to by now. Below are the best comments: