Trump Campaign Consultant Behind Fake Joe Biden Website


The Trump-supporting trolls are hard at work again, sharing disinformation about the Democratic presidential candidates. Yesterday it was discovered that Twitter bots were spreading conspiracy theories about Sen. Kamala Harris, which Trump’s own son encouraged, and now it appears that Joe Biden is the newest target, and if this election campaign season is anything like 2016, Biden probably won’t be the last!

For about three months now, a website called, has gained popularity and according to a recent article by The New York Timesis now the most popular Joe Biden website out there. The problem? The website is a crock. It’s full of lies and parodies written by none other than Trump’s own campaign consultant, Patrick Mauldin, who makes campaign videos and other digital media for our so-called “president.” Pretty convenient, huh?

According to the Times:

‘From top to bottom, the website,, breezily mocks the candidate in terms that would warm the heart of any Bernie Sanders supporter: There are GIFs of Mr. Biden touching women and girls, and blurbs about his less-than-liberal policy positions, including his opposition to court-ordered busing in the 1970s and his support for the Iraq war. Pull quotes highlight some of his more famous verbal gaffes, like his description of his future boss, Barack Obama, as “articulate and bright and clean.” The introductory text declares, “Uncle Joe is back and ready to take a hands-on approach to America’s problems!”‘

According to Mr. Mauldin, the website was put together in order to help Democrats “face facts,” but there is hardly anything “factual” about the website’s content. In fact, the website is more reminiscent of the lies spread by Russian trolls in 2016, only the person behind this site is an American who works for Trump, which makes it that much worse.

The Times also said:

‘Together with his brother Ryan, Mr. Mauldin also runs Vici Media Group, a Republican political consulting firm in Austin whose website opens with the line “We Kick” followed by the image of a donkey — the Democratic Party symbol often known by another, three-letter, name.’

Mr. Mauldin claims that he built and paid for the site on his own, without help from Trump’s campaign, but the campaign IS aware that Mauldin’s fake Biden site exists, but so far has done nothing about it which basically proves that they condone it and the lies it contains.

Tim Murtaugh, Trump’s campaign communications director even said that he thinks it’s:

‘great that talented supporters of President Trump use their time to help his re-election.’

Murtaugh goes on to say:

‘We appreciate their efforts in their own time with parodies like this that help the cause.’

He actually said he “appreciates the efforts” of trolls spreading lies!

VP Biden’s campaign was aware of the site, but only just became aware of who was behind it. Campaign spokesman, TJ Ducklo stated:

‘Imagine our surprise that a site full of obvious disinformation, is the handiwork of an operative tied to the Trump campaign.’

This is the campaign Trump is running and if we thought it was bad in 2016, it looks like it might even be worse this time around.

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