Trump Tweets Picture Of Himself With Dictator Pal & The Internet Flips Out


Mr. Trump hasn’t stopped bragging about the fact that he is the first president to step into North Korea. On Sunday, he reached across the demarcation line to shake hands with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

On Tuesday night, he tweeted a picture of himself with the dictator as he crossed over the line, seemingly buddying up to one of the last people a U.S. president should be chummy with.

According to ABC News:

‘After Trump and Kim met for more than 40 minutes, they emerged together from the Freedom House — along with Moon — and walked side-by-side back to the demarcation line, where Trump and Moon bid Kim farewell.’

Here’s what the Twitter world had to say about the bizarre encounter:

Apparently, though, according to The Washington Post, Trump is giving Kim Jong Un major concessions while asking for less in return.

‘As Trump returned, the New York Times reported that his administration is entertaining the idea of a deal with North Korea that includes a β€œfreeze” in its nuclear program, rather than the complete and total denuclearization the administration has demanded. The reported deal feels a whole lot like a trial balloon for a diluted deal.’

One important thing to note about Trump’s deal with Kim Jong Un is that it is a partial deal that would allow North Korea to remain a nuclear power, bearing some resemblance to the Iran deal which the president argued was disastrous and pulled out of.

Mr. Trump seems to be doing everything possible in hopes of regaining the presidency in 2020 – including doing everything short of marrying a dictator, creating crises for himself to solve, and planning a heavily militarized July 4th celebration for Thursday.

Featured image is a screenshot from YouTube