Top Network Disses Trump’s Holiday Dictator Parade & He’s Mad


The president has been planning a military-style parade ever since he first visited North Korea’s Kim Jong un and saw the elaborate, and forced, parade where people have to praise the “supreme leader,” which is exactly what Donald Trump would call himself if he could get away with it.

In the past couple days, media headlines have revealed the extent of Trump’s plans, which includes the use of military tanks of all things.

That has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way because the parade is fully funded by the American tax payer whether they want the parade or not.

Now, one major news network has responded to Trump’s arrogance by refusing to air the absurd public ego-stroking.

According to POLITICO:

“President Donald Trump’s controversial takeover of the Fourth of July celebration at the National Mall won’t completely take over the cable airwaves.”

“MSNBC, for one, doesn’t plan to carry his “Salute to America” live, though the network will assess in real time whether to air clips of the event, a spokesperson told POLITICO.”

The report continues:

“The question of whether networks provide airtime comes as Trump’s event has been dogged by criticism for politicizing the typically nonpartisan celebration of America’s independence, as well as, militarizing it with fighter jets flying overhead and tanks on the ground.”

“Trump has said he was inspired by Bastille Day in France, though his desire for tanks rolling through Washington has drawn comparisons to military parades in authoritarian regimes.”