Trump Humiliates Himself On Twitter Like A Mentally Defective Weirdo


Donald Trump is like a shark endlessly seeking any weakness in our Democracy. Then when he finds one, he grabs it and tries to rip it apart. He co-opted Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who has a stranglehold on any Democratic legislation even bipartisan. He installed his Roy Cohenesque Attorney General William Barr. POTUS shoved the Democrats’ House into meekness by shredding subpoenas for all present and past White House people and all documents, but he just went too far.

The president stole the 4th of July Washington celebration from the nation’s people and has turned it into a cheap, gaudy tribute to himself and his supporters. The extensive VIP section will hold his top Republican donors and legislators. All the while, he sounded like a 1950’s nightclub host saying:

‘Our July 4th Salute to America at the Lincoln Memorial is looking to be really big. It will be the show of a lifetime!’

The White House said it was open to the public, but it is more like a Trump rally x 10. The baby Trump balloon has to stay outside with the protesters. He is hauling in 60-ton tanks that will chew up Pennsylvania, and the National Monument be damned.

It all started when French President Emmanuel Macron invited the commander-in-chief over for Bastille Day and their military parade. Trump thought it was all for him. It was not. He walked away telling Macron he wanted a parade, too, but his would be twice as big and twice as spectacular.

Military people have been recalled from their families to participate. There will be marching bands, singing, and air power. Even the Muppets had to give up their day off. Kim Jong Un would be proud. Check out the VIP section for Trump’s buddies — the dictators of the world.

Twitter world went nuts. Check out some of our favorites below:

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