Trump Misspells Navy SEAL on Twitter & Gets Pummeled Hard


The president is an illiterate mess, and that is something he lets us know almost every time he gets on the internet to make some pretend profound statements about any and everything his tiny mind can contemplate. Many times, however, the president has tried to talk about things that he has very little, if any, knowledge of.

That is exactly what happened Wednesday morning when Trump tweeted about homicidal, war criminal Eddie Gallagher, who was found not guilty on six counts after his entire team recounted his vile acts.

Aside from the disgusting nature of that court decision, Trump made a grave error in his tweet that has a lot of Americans, especially military members, angry.

You see, seal should be in all caps when talking about the Navy SEALS.

People immediately trashed the president for his blunder, leaving the funniest comments that we’ve saved for your viewing pleasure.