Trump’s Holiday Rally Tanks Roll Into D.C. & Panic Sets In Immediately


The roads in Washington, D.C. are already not without their problems, and it’s tough to get much done about it considering that D.C. has no representation in Congress to fight for more funding. Rolling six ton tanks down those roads and bridges are expected to cause problems, but Trump wants a Fourth of July parade that shows off the military strength of the country like North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un gets, so these concerns are being waved away. The people, however, are not happy about it.

The tanks have already arrived and are in place, ready to roll down streets ill-equipped to handle their weight. In addition to problems that the tanks are likely to cause on the roads, there’s also the issue of the sight of military tanks rolling through residential areas. It’s a disturbing sight and not one that inspires much patriotism.

NBC News reports that:

‘NBC News captured video of the tanks — two Bradley and two Abrams tanks — purportedly en route to the National Mall for Thursday’s event. Also in transport are support vehicles, including an M88, used to help recover heavy armored vehicles.

‘A photographer for the Associated Press also spotted two M1A1 Abrams tanks along with four other military vehicles on a freight train in southeast D.C. on Monday night.’

Trump’s Fourth of July parade is sure to be like no other in history. After all, most presidents avoid making an appearance in order to prevent any perception of partisanism on a day meant to celebrate all Americans, and the RNC is offering VIP tickets, but only to people friendly to their party. It’s a complete shift from what the spirit of the holiday is meant to be about, but then again, that’s Trump in a nutshell.

‘On Monday, Trump told reporters that tanks would be stationed outside of the Fourth of July celebration, but gave no further details.

‘Two U.S. defense officials familiar with the planning confirmed that Trump’s remarks at Thursday’s event are expected to be roughly 20 minutes long, with approximately four minutes dedicated to each service of the military.’

Twitter is decidedly unimpressed by Trump’s display. Read some of their comments below:

Featured image screenshot via YouTube