Bizarre Video Surfaces Of Melania Looking Weird During Trump’s Parade


Someone is going to be in a big heap of trouble once the president sees this. It all started when Melania Trump became the focus of one cameraman during Trump’s military themed Fourth of July parade yesterday. Her odd behavior has people wondering if Melania is suffering from botched plastic surgery, or if she was seriously struggling just to get through.

Check out the video making headlines right now:

And this picture of the first lady, who chose to wear white to a well-forecasted rainstorm like she was going to a wet t-shirt contest, is also making waves everywhere. Melania looks almost nothing like the woman in her official White House photos. She looks puffy, swollen, and almost unable to open her eyes.

People responding to the tweet above had a lot to say about the bizarre video of the first lady. We saved the best reactions for you below: