Melania Honored With Ugliest Statue In The History Of Statues (IMAGE)


It’s not uncommon for a FLOTUS to be honored with a portrait or a wax statue. Michelle Obama’s official portrait drew crowds of onlookers, including children who had come to love the first lady. A statue was erected in Melania Trump’s hometown in Slovenia, however, and residents didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

An American chainsaw artist created the statue, which is only recognizable because of the blue dress she wore to her husband’s inauguration. Residents compared it to a “scarecrow” and “Smurfette,” but many were simply embarrassed because they don’t wish to be associated with the Trump family thanks to their awful reputation around the globe.

The Guardian reports that:

‘The life-size statue on the outskirts of Sevnica was inaugurated on Friday and is the brainchild of the 39-year-old American conceptual artist Brad Downey, who says it’s the first monument anywhere dedicated to the wife of Donald Trump.

‘The sculpture was carved into a tree using a chainsaw and depicts Melania Trump in a blue dress and raising her left hand in a waving gesture, emulating a pose she struck at her husband’s 2017 inauguration.’

The face of the statue is especially monstrous, which is appropriate considering the “I don’t care, do you?” jacket she wore to visit children in migrant detention camps. On the statue, she is at least, however, actually wearing clothes. Despite its hideous appearance, the artists insists that it is “absolutely beautiful.” Residents strongly disagree.

‘Its somewhat naive style has led some critics on social media to brand it a “scarecrow”.

‘“I can understand why people might think that this falls short as a description of her physical appearance,” Downey told AFP, but insisted that he found the end result “absolutely beautiful”.’

It isn’t just the statue’s appearance that has drawn criticism. Many of the residents of Slovenia would prefer not to be associated with Trump’s birther-supporting wife. One even described the people of Melania’s home country as holding “our heads in our hands” in shame at the association with the Trump family.

‘However, not everyone has been moved to wax lyrical about the artwork.

‘Nika, a local 24-year-old architecture student, told AFP: “If the monument was meant to be a parody, then the artist has been successful.

‘“We in Sevnica can only laugh and, at the same time, hold our heads in our hands over their [the Trumps’] catastrophic reputation,” she added.’

Featured image via Flickr by Osepedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesu under a Creative Commons license