Pissed Off Democrat Rails Against Trump For Costly Parade


Donald Trump showed his ass Thursday when he wasted a crap-ton of money on an elaborate military parade that he actually charged people to get into. The cost estimates have yet to be released, but one thing is for sure, Trump was trying to mimic ceremonies he’s seen abroad.

Now, Democrat Don Beyer (D-Va.) is demanding that Donald Trump himself pick up the tab for the damages his overpriced party caused to roads and infrastructure.

Beyer said:

“I am deeply concerned by the suggestion that the President’s insistence on displaying tanks could subject Arlington Memorial Bridge to strains grossly exceeding its weight restrictions. My colleagues and I had to fight for years to secure funding to repair the bridge, over which tens of thousands of my constituents commute every day.”

“Since President Trump is turning the region’s beloved annual tradition into a campaign event focused on himself, he should personally reimburse U.S. taxpayers and local governments for any damage to local infrastructure.”

Trump first got the idea for a military parade when he went to France in 2017 and witnessed the Bastille Day ceremonies. He’s also a huge fan of Kim Jong un, who forces his soldiers to march in the streets in a way that is unsettlingly reminiscent of Hitler’s S.S. army.