Republican Bigwig Busted For Texting D*ck Pics To Not His Wife


The Republican Party has a lot of issues that members of that party refuse to address of correct. They pretend they don’t see torrid scandals, and they turn a blind eye to any kind of criminal behavior, unless it’s at the hands of a Democrat.

The Grand Ol’ Party has become a joke because of these people and their unethical ways, which is quite a shame when you think of the historical role Republicans have played in America’s past.

One perfect example is the Tuesday resignation of Pennsylvania GOP chair, Val DiGiorgio, who quit only after lewd text messages were released by The Philadelphia Inquirer.

According to TPI:

“Irina Goldstein says she didn’t immediately recognize the man who sent her a Facebook friend request in October, after she had commented on a group photo that had included him.”

“That man was Valentino “Val” DiGiorgio III, the South Philadelphia-born chairman of the Pennsylvania Republican Party.”

The report continued:

“I’m running for City Council. next time you’re in Philly, I’d be honored to buy you coffee.”

“That began a barrage of messages over two days, Goldstein said, that swung from her seeking his advice and support to flirtation and then sexually charged exchanges that included DiGiorgio sending her a photo of an erect penis.”

“At one point in their written exchange, DiGiorgio described to her his practice of deleting messages and using social media platforms that leave little electronic trail.”

More details shed light on the truly disturnbing nature of the conversation’s evolution:

“In her messages to him, Goldstein at times either referenced or explicitly cited sex acts. Even after the photo, she continued to correspond with DiGiorgio for more than four months, seeking help with her candidacy.”

“Still, she said she grew embarrassed and unsettled by the exchanges, reviewed by The Inquirer, because she said DiGiorgio had “the upper hand” in their dynamic. They finally stopped communicating in February, after a written exchange in which she told him his messages amounted to him “sexually harassing” her.”

“In a reply to her, DiGiorgio denied any wrongdoing during their online interaction, and said he had been a “perfect gentleman” in their only face-to-face meeting at a Philadelphia restaurant. They never had any physical contact.”

DiGiorgio refuses to discuss the text messages and cancelled an interview with The Pennsylvania Inquirer. Joel Frank, general counsel for the state Republican Party, was hired by DiGiorgio to run a smear campaign against Goldstein by accusing her of cherry-picking text messages to send. One of those alleged messages was a naked picture of Goldstein, according to Frank.

The report states that:

“On Tuesday, less than two hours after The Inquirer first reported the Goldstein’s claims, DiGiorgio stepped down from his position. In his resignation letter, he said the report included “gross mischaracterizations” of their communications and that he planned to “rigorously defend myself against these assertions.””

Goldstein has denied sending any naked pictures of herself to DiGiorgio and said she only waited until after the primaries to make the claims because she was worried to story would ruin her election chances.

TPI continues:

“Goldstein, 35, also said Michael Schwartz, a former federal prosecutor now representing DiGiorgio as a private attorney, called her last week and proposed that she sign a nondisclosure agreement that would bar her from disparaging DiGiorgio, 51, who is married with children. Schwartz, she said, offered to have DiGiorgio also sign the agreement and told her that keeping their interactions confidential was in her best interest.”

Goldstein states: “He said my reputation would be ruined. Like [DiGiorgio] was going to do me a favor by not talking about me.” Schwartz refused the medias’ request for comments.