Trump Aide Makes A Fool Of Himself Trying To Defend Trump


The Trump administration is continuing to press on with their attempts to add a question about respondents’ citizenship to the next U.S. Census. This week, the Trump campaign’s Deputy Communications Director Matt Wolking jumped into the fray by claiming that those opposing the question are… wait for it… colluding with foreign powers to try and tilt U.S. elections in their favor. As the Trump camp gets ever-more desperate, perhaps next they’ll throw out the claim that the “real” colluders are the ones who buy Russian dressing at the grocery store — wait, Trump’s ill-fated first press secretary Sean Spicer already made that “joke.”

The implication from Wolking is that because Democrats are trying to defend the Constitutionally-defined rights of those not born in the United States, they’re trying to leverage foreign power to turn the political system in their favor. That’s false; concern for basic human rights isn’t a political conspiracy, Matt. Still, he ranted in response to a thread about the issue:

‘If you want to know why Democrats are desperate to help as many illegals as possible get into our country, look no further than this thread. Democrats are literally colluding with foreign actors to hack our democracy. Democrats are trying to nullify Americans’ votes just like they tried to nullify the 2016 election.’

An assumption behind these claims is that immigrants will mostly stick with the Democrats in their voting habits, and at times possibly cast illegal votes to further that aim — at least, that’s what happens if you ask President Donald Trump. However, it is worth reiterating considering the cosmic leap Wolking makes in trying to connect concern for foreigners to collusion with a foreign power: there is no documented epidemic of this supposed voter fraud in the United States at all.

Democrats are attempting to protect the basic human rights of people like the detained asylum seekers who the Trump administration has dumped into inhumane, dangerous detention facilities around the southern border and have turned back into Mexico. Trying to procure basic provisions for these people who are legally allowed to seek asylum is not trying to obtain an open border, and it is not trying to “help as many illegals as possible get into our country.” Wolking is off in a racist fantasy all the same.

Check out Twitter’s response:

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