Trump Attempts Phony Congrats To Women’s Soccer Team & Gets Roasted In Seconds


Donald Trump has been inviting a lot of sports teams to the White House. That way he can serve them cold and clammy fast food, apparently some of his favorite food. He recently awarded golfer and his business partner Tiger Wood the Medal of Freedom. He did this, because Woods won the Masters tournament last month when he was 43-years-old. Now, Trump is celebrating another team win, but he may not appreciate what the fans had to say.

The U.S. Women’s Soccer Team just won the World Cup:

‘Congratulations to the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team on winning the World Cup! Great and exciting play. America is proud of you all!’

Co-Captain Meghan Rapinoe has been enthusiastic about being gay. She even posed naked with her partner WNBA star Sue Bird for ESPN’s Body Issue in 2018. She also has announced there was no way she would accept an invitation from Trump, according to SLATE:

‘I’m not going to the fucking White House.’

The Twitter world went wild. Casey Collier turned MAGA around to “Megan America Great Again!” How can the president award her the “Presidential Medal of Freedom?” if she does not come to the White House to celebrate with cheeseburgers, as Lula Rodriquez suggested? Of course, Wes threw in the athletic Russian President Vladimir Putin who swims two hours every day before breakfast.

Greg Hogben thought it would be a wonderful idea for “Donnie” to “bend the knee.” That would honor football star Colin Kaepernick and the victims of police violence. Of course, POTUS might not be able to get up from that position. Louise Mensch thought Trump should “take your ball and go home to Moscow.”

Kevin Broyles sent the real Donald Trump a tweet in living color displaying his opinion from his wrist to the very top of his middle finger.

Delilia O’Malley retweeted Sara Pearl’s tweet. The latter notice that Fox News went live from a French bar after the U.S. Women’s Tournament success. All of a sudden people began “shouting ‘Fuck Trump’ while they were on live television.

Kat Donovan pulled off a sly response to Trump. Donovan noted that unlike POTUS, this American team won:

‘Without Russian help.’

Charles Johnson summed up the whole event involving Trump perfectly:

‘What a smarmy dirtbag. Just a few days ago he deliberately call out his MAGA creepazoids to harass and attack Megan Rapinoe.”

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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