Trump Humiliated On Live TV Moments After Women’s World Cup Victory


This weekend, the United States’ national women’s soccer team won the Women’s World Cup for the fourth time — a record. When Fox News tried to get in on the jubilation with a live report from a sports bar in Lyon, France, they were interrupted by the bartender and patrons loudly chanting:

‘Fuck Trump!’

Check it out:

Amazingly, even through the din, correspondent Greg Palkot kept trying to deliver his report, only turning around briefly and smiling nervously at the patrons before carrying on. He shared that they “were going to be outside” and “looking at a screen with the football game,” but that game was apparently “cancelled by officials because they were worried about security measures.” He did note, however, that “the American fans came over to this sports bar” apparently following the cancellation of that outdoor event — which explains well why basically what seems like the majority of those at the establishment were so ready and willing to join in the chanting.

President Donald Trump and the right at large have definitely brought this on themselves at this point. They’re the ones running around pushing the politicization of national sports, and more particularly, Trump is the one who whined in response to women’s soccer star Megan Rapinoe shaming him that she had insulted the country at large or something, which she definitely did not do. Instead, when asked during her team’s ascent to eventual victory about the possibility of visiting the White House following that potential victory, she simply asserted that she would definitely not be going to the “fucking White House.”

Trump has politicized other sports too, making it a running policy platform to oppose the peaceful protest movement inside the NFL of taking a knee during the National Anthem to bring attention to the plight of black Americans. At one point in late 2017, he asserted that the “sons of bitches” who participated in the peaceful protest should be fired, and he even included a bit about the need to respect the flag or whatever in his State of the Union address in the following months. In a rare moment of solidarity across sports leagues, Rapinoe actually participated in that protest at one point.

The sports fans in France aren’t the only ones to reject Trumpism from their favorite pastime in the wake of his incessant whining. Sports team after sports team have rejected the idea of going to the White House following championship wins. At one point, in a huff, Trump made a show of disinviting champion football team the Philadelphia Eagles altogether — although none of their players had even participated in the peaceful protest he hates so much during the preceding regular season.

Considering Rapinoe’s comments, it’s definitely unclear at present whether the team will go to the White House following their 2-0 victory over the Netherlands. The team did visit the White House when Barack Obama was in office as president and they won a World Cup — so again, this isn’t about some kind of conspiracy against American greatness, Trump. It’s about the fact that fewer and fewer people want to even be seen in the same building as you, so something as “simple” as a champion sports team making a ceremonial visit suddenly becomes much more complicated.

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