U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Wins World Cup & Trump Supporters Get Ugly


For people who claim to love America, they refuse to get behind an American sports team on a world stage if they’re headed by a lesbian opposed to their dear leader. Trump’s snowflakes were out in full force following the win, calling Rapinoe “unAmerican” and “a traitor,” demanding that she respect a president who doesn’t appear to respect anyone.

On Sunday, the American women’s soccer team beat the team from The Netherlands to win the World Cup 2-0. The winning goal was scored by Megan Rapinoe, who previously said she did not intend to attend the traditional White House visit should the American team win. Trump supporters were outraged, Piers Morgan openly mocked them on Twitter, and the Trumpster snowflakes have been trashing Rapinoe, her wife, and the women’s team ever since.

Rapinoe has also shown support for her fellow athletes who use their platform to speak out against police brutality and the disproportionate experience of it for people of color, kneeling for the National Anthem and drawing attention to the issue. Trump’s almost exclusively white supporters, the same people who complain that liberals are offended by everything, are offended.

That outrage certainly didn’t seem to faze the team during their championship games, having won each handily and with much celebration. Right-wingers, however, have endlessly trashed the entire team on Twitter due to the statements made by one member. You’d think that people who can’t stand how “offended” everyone is would see the irony, but they don’t.

The comments on Twitter quickly turned ugly, and Trump supporters unfortunately made their opposition heard.

Feature image screenshot via YouTube