Trump Continues Tuesday Twitter Mental Collapse Like A Nut-Job


Donald Trump is a world-class con. He is not as great with imposing tariffs, healthcare, and the environment. Trump’s avid followers would follow him to Guana, South America and drink all the poisoned kool-aid and ask for more. They do not care about the environment or any factual evidence. Basically, his strategy has been to ruin everything that President Barack Obama did for the country. The problem is, he has nothing to replace them with. Today he has chosen the scattergun approach to convince Americans that he cares about their issues, but it gets kind of weird.

Yet, maybe the president thought he could pull in a few people from the left side of the ticket. After all, it is hard to be gung ho for the environment when a person does not believe in climate change:

“With President Trump at the helm, not only is America getting great again, but he’s going to make our estuaries, our rivers, our water – everything better – the things he is doing, and done, are just helping America tremendously.” Thank you to Bruce Hrobak @foxandfriends’

Whoever realized that Trump even knew what food stamps were? Yet here he was talking about them. He even made a logical bridge from people who eat food stamps over to the economy:

‘Food Stamp participation hits 10 year low. Wow! @OANN’

Next, the president said he wanted to get even with India for “putting tariffs on American products:”

‘India has long had a field day putting Tariffs on American products. No longer acceptable!’

As Trump gnawed at the pillars of our democracy, people thought that at least there were the courts. Turns out, they might have been wrong:

‘Recent “strained” decisions by the United States Supreme Court, some so simple as allowing the question, “Are you a citizen of the United States” on our very expensive Census Report, or the even more strained decisions (2) allowing the world’s most expensive & pathetic……’

Trump reminded people of his stance on Obamacare. Yet he did not show another option. He just pranced onward to a not-too-subtle warning to the Supreme Court. A little along the line of the old “I made you, and I can break you” philosophy of parenting:

‘….healthcare (Obamacare) to stay in place, when it would have been replaced by something far better, shows how incredibly important our upcoming 2020 Election is. I have long heard that the appointment of Supreme Court Justices is a President’s most important decision. SO TRUE!’

Then, Trump retweeted about Attorney General William Barr, who stood between Trump and the crowds of displeased Democrats:

‘Barr is absolutely right about the Mueller testimony being a public spectacle… that’s all it ever was. Democrats’ Mueller messaging isn’t breaking through because no one cares—they want focus on their lives, not on the political collusion fantasy that was dead long ago.’

Next, he was emphasizing his point on improving the economy. The president retweeted that “224,000 jobs created in June.” Anyone want to remember that summer jobs for high school students do not necessarily mean the economy was clipping along:

‘This was amazing news from over the weekend — 224,000 jobs created in June, blowing away expectations of 160,000 jobs! That’s over 6 million jobs created since

Twitter world went crazy. Check out some of our favorites below:
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