Hillary Tweets About Trump’s Upcoming ICE Raids Like A Real President


The Trump administration is continuing their campaign to drive non-white elements of American society out. This week, it emerged that they were planning raids targeting thousands of undocumented immigrants across the United States for deportation in the coming days, and former Democratic presidential candidate and overall longtime public figure Hillary Clinton has now joined those speaking out. She connected the Trump team’s unprovoked targeting of large swaths of families to their concurrently running effort to force a question about respondents’ citizenship onto the upcoming census, which could have the effect of disenfranchising large swaths of immigrant communities in the United States away from the census — and subsequently, representation in government, among other issues that could be affected.

She shared:

‘The Trump administration is preparing sweeping raids on undocumented people as the president threatens to go against the Supreme Court and demand citizenship information through the Census. Weaponized fear and bigotry are the central projects of this administration.’

She also joined the numerous interests seeking to remind immigrants that they don’t have to let ICE in without a judicial warrant as they brace for, potentially, a worst case scenario.

As she indicates, the Trump administration has already been turned back in their efforts in the court system. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled against their plans for a census citizenship question because they found the White House had not provided adequate reasoning for seeking to include the question in the first place, and it is illegal for steps with such wide ramifications to be arbitrary. Even still, the Trump team has pressed ahead, and as this week got underway, President Donald Trump was set to announce an executive order to seek to push the issue. The New York Times reported that the back-and-forth was “likely to return to the Supreme Court” following that additional step.

Now, immigrant communities also have to face incoming raids from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in major cities across the United States. To begin with, they have made plenty of “mistakes” before to the point that essentially all immigrant communities have reason to worry, not just the members without documentation. However, the issues go further than a simple mistake to include officers in ICE and related agencies running right over basic human rights concerns of those people they’re targeting, who they’ve physically and emotionally brutalized.

Check out Twitter’s response to Clinton stepping in..

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