Racist Cop Tells Muslim To Go Back Where He Came From (VIDEO)


Donald Trump has dynamited a Hoover dam of spitefulness and resentfulness that has spread across the country like poisoned water. The number of hate crimes has rocketed up as has hate speech, bullying, and verbal assaults. This was just caught on video.

A Michigan police officer was harassing a Muslim man with his son. A Mexican man saw what was going on and decided to record it. The officer told the Muslim man to “go back where you came from:”

‘In Michigan A Muslim man was being harassed by a Metropark police officer so a Mexican man started recording. As the Muslim Man walked away the officer says “GO BACK TO WHERE YOU COME FROM” His son heard something & said something. The RACIST officer is now suspended. RETWEET’

The thing is, with the exception of Native Americans, everyone came from another place. Take the president. His grandfather came from Germany after running away from his military duty. Trump’s mother came from Scotland, and his wife came from the eastern European country of Slovenia. Her parent aka his in-laws just became American citizens.

The issue in this situation was religion and skin color. However, even if the United States was as white as a bedsheet, these same attackers would find another group of people to blame for their own daily irritations and financial concerns instead of who was really to fault — international mega-corporations and lobbyist supported legislators.

No, they would attack people with disabilities, as Trump already does, women, and children. After all, bullies have always been cowards.

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