Trump Goes On Angry Twitter Rant About Facebook & Cryptocurrency


On Thursday, Trump held a “social media summit” because racists being banned on Twitter is the country’s most pressing concern as it keeps Trump’s fanbase from being able to hear his rants. Forget healthcare, income inequality, and concentration camps on the U.S./Mexico border; clearly, social media followers are far more important.

On Thursday night, Trump issued a three-tweet rebuke of cryptocurrencies and cast doubt on the latest efforts to join in the cryptocurrency business by Facebook with Facebook Libra. Absolutely no one believes he wrote this tweet himself, since there are no parenthesis in which Trump explains big words to his hapless followers, no misspellings, and random capitalizations are kept to a minimum.

The rebuke is a rare case of unity between Trump and Jerome Powell, the chairman of the Federal Reserve who Trump appointed and has trashed ever since. Powell is blamed for a sudden plunge in cryptocurrency stock value after he issued a statement raising concerns about privacy issues and money laundering, among other criticisms.

The irony of a president who has been proven to have broken the law numerous times, including 10 separate incidences of obstruction of justice, expressing concerns about anything “facilitating criminal behavior” is laughable, which defines the insanity of living in the era of Trump. When the president and his friends are all criminals, how does anyone feel safe with the president being in charge of protecting Americans from criminals?

Twitter was mostly amused by Trump’s staffer’s tweet, and some noted that Trump’s own criminal behavior should disqualify him from the position he holds. Read some of their comments below:

Featured image via Flickr by Gage Skidmore under a Creative Commons license