Another Senior Trump Official Is Leaving His White House Post


Over the past two years, Trump’s original staff members and senior officials have been leaving their posts in droves, and he’s left with almost no one who was part of his administration when he took office.

All of this has us wondering, almost daily, who might be the next to go? According to reports, that person is William McGinley, White House Cabinet Secretary and Chief Liason between White House and federal government agencies.

McGinley, who is a longtime Republican election law expert, has served as White House Cabinet secretary since Trump’s inauguration, so it’s interesting that he’d leave at this juncture, but he reportedly told friends that he plans to return to private practice, though a source close to him says he hasn’t yet spoken with any possible employers on the matter.

Originally, McGinley joined Trump’s team when it appeared that the Republican convention and Trump’s nomination might be contested. We have Mr. McGinley to thank for preparing Trump for overcoming the Republican Party rules that might have hurt his bid for the presidency.

McGinley was highly respected by his staff and other members of Trump’s administration for being one to help solve everyday arguments as well as ease some of the drama that we can be sure goes on around the Oval Office. Reportedly, he was also often called upon to help when fellow cabinet secretaries became involved in ethics controversies.

One Republican close to the White House had this to say:

‘If you had a problem with a Cabinet secretary, you’d go to Bill.’

So, why is he leaving exactly? We can’t speculate, but we hope that the news about the real reasons behind his departure will all come out soon. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

Featured image via screenshot