Trump Says Reporters Don’t Have Right To Free Speech If It Makes Him Mad


The president is a man-child. That is something he doesn’t even try to hide. He throws massive public tantrums, and you can tell that he is used to doing that regularly in his life to combat any resistance he may get from people who don’t like his “my way or the highway” motto.

Melania ends up looking like a traumatized circus animal any time she’s seen in public. She’s either stoic, as if she’s been tranquilized just to get through the day, or she has a painted on, plastic smile that could indicate another form of chemical help getting through an event.

If her husband acts like an angry toddler on a global platform, can you imagine how awful he is behind closed doors? For instance, Thursday’s Social Media Summit turned into a total shit-show, and all thanks to Donald Trump. He invited only the cheesiest and sleaziest people who consider themselves members of the media, and the event even spiraled into a screaming match at one point.

What Trump said at the summit was a great insight into why he didn’t invite actual media outlets. He basically said that reporters do not have the right to free speech if the content they publish makes him angry.

Here’s the quote:

“So to me, free speech is not when you see something good and then you purposely write bad, to me that’s very dangerous speech, and you become angry at it. But that’s not free speech.”

Trump continued:

“I don’t think that the mainstream media is free speech either, because it’s so crooked, it’s so dishonest.”

He doesn’t “think the mainstream media IS free speech.” Let that sink in. Free speech is a right granted to all Americans, and freedom of the press is the right that media outlets are granted by the constitution to report the news.

Even if people don’t like it.

Trump then threatened:

“We’re just not going to allow it to happen like this. We’re not going to be silenced.”

Silenced? When has that fool ever stopped running his mouth? Like this time, when he really just should have just stopped talking about breaking Elton John’s records and his mouth being a musical instrument that is ‘hopefully’ attached to his brain: