Jim Acosta’s Weekend Trolling Of Trump Goes Viral Fast


Jim Acosta and President Trump have a contemptuous relationship, and have since the beginning of Trump’s 2016 campaign. Acosta was one of the few reporters who actually called Trump out to his face about the lies and deceit he’d been spreading to the country, and Trump wasn’t having it from the get-go.

Even before he became president, Trump treated Acosta like an untouchable peasant, but once he felt the wrath of Acosta, and saw the praise Acosta was getting for it, Trump lost it. Numerous incidents have happened since, and needless to say, this relationship will not be ‘fixed’ unless Acosta learns how to kiss some orange ass.

That’s the opposite of what he’s doing on Twitter Saturday, however, and what Acosta just tweeted is going to send Trump over the rails. Check him out:

People immediately thought it was hilarious and began commenting even more praise of the now beloved journalist. We saved the best reactions for you below: