Donald Trump Goes Full Crybaby On Twitter & It’s SAD


The president doesn’t hide his fear well, and one thing that terrifies the hell out of him is the possibility of losing the 2020 election. It’s been assumed that Trump didn’t believe he would beat Hillary Clinton in 2016 and that the win was just as big a surprise to The Donald as it was to the American people, over half of whom didn’t vote for him.

Polls have never been Donald’s friend either, but that’s because they represent American voters, not the elite electoral college who can override Americans any time they please, apparently.

So Trump’s Monday morning Twitter tantrum didn’t really surprise anyone, but it certainly garnered a whole lot of backlash for the illegitimate president.┬áThis is what Trump tweeted:

The backlash Trump received in the comment thread of this tweet speaks volumes of just how fed up people are with the current White House resident. We saved the best reactions to Trump’s tweet below: