Jews Hold ‘Never Again’ Protest Against ICE In DC Over Trump Camps


When the four women of color stood up against Donald Trump yesterday, they reminded Americans that we stick together. The idea of our great nation is built on people helping people, because alone we will perish. When soldiers in the 18-year-war in Afghanistan fight, they depend on people of different ethnic groups, of different financial backgrounds, and different religions to cover them. Here is a beautiful example of people helping people, of patriotism.

Jews Against ICE has organized a protest in the nation’s capital and plans to occupy ICE detention centers. They want to move the country to act against the horrid conditions Donald Trump has forced legal refugees seeking asylum into. By the way, POTUS has never quit taking babies, toddlers, and young children from their parents — against court orders:

‘This Tuesday immigrant organizers, #JewsAgainstICE and allies are going to DC to #ShutDownICE. We’re leading an action that’s going to strike at the heart of ICE and their enablers. Will you join us?’

Activist Jackie Speier tweeted about the first sounds that they heard, “haunting cries of babies & toddlers.” They saw the father of a deathly ill, flushed, listless six-month-old baby girl helplessly holding her:”

The 1st sounds we heard before we could see the children held at Ursula were haunting cries of babies & toddlers. I spoke to a dad of a sick 6-month-old girl. She was flushed, listless, her little fists clung tightly to his shirt. Flu, meningitis, typhus, lice & more. #Border’

Tuesday’s planned D.C. protest came as the Trump administration announced mass ICE raids to deport certain immigrants. The group’s tweet announced:

‘We have seen this before — and when we say never again, we mean it. This is just the beginning, and we are not stopping until ICE is shut down.’

Never Again Action is a Jewish group that has been protesting the U.S. Customs and Immigration (ICE) detention centers all across the country. They also planned its biggest protest #ShutDownICE at the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

This organization has seen the far too crowded, unsafe, and unsanitary locations that Donald Trump has forced immigrants into staying for weeks and months. Never Again Action’s goal has been to close those facilities along the border and elsewhere.

Serena Adlerstein, 25, began the movement with a simple question on Facebook. She asked, according to NBC News:

‘What if young Jews occupied ICE detention centers and shut them down?’

She said she had heard people on cable trying to decide whether these detention centers were “concentration camps.” That was when she remembered a phrase unique to the Holocaust but applicable again,  “Never Again.”

Police arrested 36 protesters at a New Jersey ICE detention camp that first week. The movement caught fire with 10 protests throughout the country next. The protesters chanted “Never Again Means Close the Camps:”

Trump has smiled as he looked away and the news reported the terrible living conditions at the camps. House Democrats visited the camps where women were told to drink out of the toilets.

Presidential candidate and Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) found a ladder and climbed a Florida camp wall when she was turned away by guards. She said children had to march “like little prisoners,” because that is what they were.

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