Kellyanne Defends Trump Racism On Fox & Gets Humiliated Instantly


Kellyanne Conway will say absolutely anything if she is getting paid for it. Before she joined Trump’s camp, she spoke out adamantly against the then presidential candidate. Now that she is a paid troll for Trump, she is willing to say and do some of the most disgusting things just to make a buck.

Now, Kellyanne is jumping on Trump’s racist bandwagon and supporting the racist tweets Trump sent Sunday, in which he told four congresswomen of color to ‘go back’ to their countries.

They are really trying to spin this.

According to Republicans, there is nothing racist about saying someone would be happier in another country and that they should go there for their own happiness. Yes, they are actually saying this with a straight face.

Kellyanne said this:

“What the president is doing is, we are tired — sick and tired — of many people in this country. Forget these four. They represent a dark underbelly of people in this country of people who are not respecting our troops, are not giving them the resources and the respect that they deserve.”

Conway continued:

“When you throw the word racism around long enough, people get desensitized and that’s a shame.”

Here is the video of the interview, followed by the responses it received on Twitter: