Slovenian Activists Turn On Melania Over Trump’s Migrant Abuses


When Melania Trump was a young girl living in a village in socialist Slovenia, she had a dream. She moved to the country’s capital working as a model for a while before moving to the United States. The apparently reluctant first lady moved into the White House when her son’s school year ended, months after Donald Trump took office. She took Donald Trump to meet her parents where they lived in the village in 2004, and that was the last time she returned. Now, the people of Slovenia have something to say to her.

A group of Slovenia’s leading women decided now would be the right time to invite Melania Knavs Trump to return, according to The Daily Beast:

‘Members of Femmes Sans Frontières (Women Without Borders) brainstormed at the elegant villa of Jerca Legan, the organization’s president, in the old town of Ljubljana. They were environmentalists, writers, artists, entrepreneurs, bureaucrats, lawyers and business developers, who decided to issue a formal invitation.’

Another Slovenian fashion model Maja Ferme has known Mrs. Trump as a friend and a generous donor for charities for several years. She expected the first lady to be more active in the “international arena.”

Communications consultant Darinka Pavlic Kamien agreed:

‘Frankly, I have not heard a single strong statement by Melania in years, which is kind of embarrassing, if not shameful.’

Adviser to foreign investors with Slovenian regional interests Nena Cresnar Pregar said she respected the first lady when she was younger and spelled her name as Melanja Knavs:

‘She had more courage in her youth, I would inspire her to speak out for equality (versus Trump who is) spreading hatred in every Twitter post. We would also want her to be more engaged on freeing immigrants’ children from prisons, on global climate change issues. Otherwise she’ll be remembered for her “Don’t Care” jacket.’

The president’s wife explained about the jacket:

‘I wore the jacket to go on the plane and off the plane. And it was for the people and for the left-wing media to show them that I don’t care. You will not stop me to do what I feel is right. It was kind of a message. I would prefer that they would focus on what I do and my initiatives, than what I wear.’

Former state secretary of Slovenia Tico Zupancic commented:

‘Melania might realize she’s been a puppet on invisible strings, recalculate her position and decide that her bank accounts are not as important as her reputation. The group of brilliant women would like to invite her to her homeland, she should use this chance to break free, grow vocal.’

Although the State Department did send its congratulations, the White House had not congratulated Slovenia on the Statehood Day, June 25th. Melania Trump biographer Bojan Pozar said:

‘No word of congratulations arrived from the White House on June 25, the Statehood Day. The way Melania’s treated Slovenia has been fundamentally wrong.’

The vice-chair of the American Chamber of Commerce in Europe Ajsa Vodnik defended the first lady. The two met when Melanja Knavs was just 17-years-old. Vlodnik noted that the Slovene language is spoken in the White House:

‘Her son speaks Slovene with his grandparents in the White House.  language is very important.’

Leading environmentalist in Slovenia Gaja Brecelj said:

‘If Trump does not believe in global climate change, it does not matter. It’s time for Melania to become her own person, think with her own head. Hello, Melania, do this for Barron, for his children, push your husband: we need to change the world’s energy system, traffic system—what we all do now will show in 100 years.’

At a brainstorming session, Jerca Legan said:

‘We invite Melania to join our movement of women without borders, we’d empower her. She still has time to make the difference, if she does not want to live in a world of hate, where kids sit terrified on the bare floor of prisons. If she cares.’

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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