Video Leaks Of Trump Oogling Women With Jeffrey Epstein


The first time that Donald Trump ever showed up before the cameras was when he and his father Fred Trump were sued for refusing to rent to black people. That experience must have stirred something within 45, because ever since then he has clamored for the limelight. Now, MSNBC’s Morning Joe show has dug up some extremely interesting footage.

The Trumps held a press conference when they counter sued for $100 million in 1973, and this from The Washington Post explained POTUS’ media flower unfolding:

‘The 20-month legal battle marked the first time Trump became a regular presence on newspaper front pages. It served as an early look at the hardball tactics he has employed in business and, more recently, in politics. And its resolution showed how Trump, even in the heat of battle, is often willing to strike a deal.’

The NBC News producers just discovered some archival footage of Trump partying with the charged sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein at a Mar-a-Lago with the Buffalo Bills cheerleaders in 1992. For a man Trump barely knew, they certainly shared a few laughs the two certainly appeared to have a good time.

Morning Joe host Mika Brzezinski explained the video was damning evidence against the president and proved he had been lying about his relationship with Epstein:

‘(The video was) shot in November of 1992 before Trump opened the resort as a club.’

The tape was a flashback to 1992, according to NBC News:

‘(It) shows the future president surrounded by cheerleaders for the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins, capturing Trump’s fun-loving bachelor lifestyle for an appearance on Faith Daniels NBC talk show.’

At the time, Trump the happy bachelor lived in what he called was the Southern White House, Mar-a-Lago. In the video, he was pointing out different women to Epstein, possibly judging them. This would be a good time to have a lip reader capture their conversation. Trump admitted that he knew Epstein as part of the Palm Beach culture as everyone there did, but this footage showed otherwise.

Epstein had a sweetheart deal in 2008. He pled guilty to two sex crimes, including one with an underage girl. U.S. Attorney Alex Acosta, who became Trump’s Secretary of Labor, managed to get him an extremely light sentence. Epstein had to sleep in the jail, but during the days he was free to go to his office where women unrelated to his business matters came to visit. It was not clear whether any of them were underage.

The two men had a falling out about 15 years ago, and the president said he was “not a fan” of his former friend. That would have been 12 years after this video was made.

Host of the show Joe Scarborough tied it together:

‘He and Epstein there very much enjoying that party, and Donald Trump saying he never liked Jeffrey Epstein. Once again, proven to be a lie.’

As far as the counter-lawsuit that catapulted Trump into the media, his role put him “near the center of a civil rights-era struggle, too:

‘For Trump, whose statements as a presidential candidate about Mexican immigrants, women and Muslims have drawn charges of racism and sexism, his role as a defendant in a discrimination case put him near the center of a civil rights-era struggle over society’s changing views about race and culture.’

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