McConnell Responds To Trump’s Racist Rally Chants Like A Klansman


Mitch McConnell has no soul. That is apparent from every choice he’s made in his political career. He will do anything to make the rich richer because he is included in that group, and has made upwards of $17 million in politics despite his salary only paying him $193,000 a year.

He backs the most atrocious things, even when those things are not defendable. For this reason, no one is surprised Thursday morning that McConnell is now coming out in support of the vile chants that took place last night at one of Trump’s hillbilly rallies.

The crowd could be heard shouting, “send her back,” targeting Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar after Trump tweeted Sunday that Omar should ‘go back’ to the country she came from.

McConnell said this Thursday:

“I think the president’s onto something. We’re having a big debate, now and next year, about what we want America to be like.”

First of all, no one cares what a man like Mitch McConnell wants America to look like. In fact, you can pretty much bet that, if McConnell wants it, you will likely want the opposite.

Check out the interview on Fox News, and try not to vomit from the unrelenting bias meant to propel the evil happening right now at the hands of the president: